• The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I

    In the Buu Saga when you first can play as Buu, go to the Mountain Road. You will see Yamcha there and get the Fox Mask.Then in Majin Buu saga, pick training with Goten, and beat Gohan to get Destined Rivals what if story. When you first play as Goku, go over to Kami's lookout, you will see King Kai. He will make you fight Grandpa Gohan, and when you beat him, you get Master Roshi's pupil, and Kid Goku! Android 13: Computer + Hatred  Android 13 Fusion: Android 13 + Parts of 14 and 15  Any +5: Tortoise Shell + Any +1  Any +10: Ultimate God Water + Any +5  Any +15: Elder Releases Potential + Any +10  Any +19: Kai's Ritual + Any +1  Any +19 Elder: 100G Training + Any +15  Baby Vegeta: Baby + Vegeta (Second Form)  Bojack: Unsealed + Galactic …

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