(Kinacha) YOU WILL DIE *Makes a Supereme Ultimate Super Kamehameha Shaped Death Ball x800,000,000* THIS OUGHTA BLOW UP THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!! (Nikad) Time To go Full Power *Goes SSJ8* I-I feel Amazing Ok Bring it On Kinacha!! *Loads up Ultimate Kamehameha Shaped Sprirt Bomb x800,000,000* (?) *Beam struggle* *Goes to Nikad's Side* (Nikad) NO!!! i can't Lose now!!!! (Kinacha) HAHAHAAH U Going to Die Now!!!! I summon The Dead Family!!! *Summons Buu* *Summons Frieza* *Summons Cell* *Summons the Ginyu Force* *Summons Omega Shenron* HAHAHAHA U GOING TO DIE!!!!! (?) *Uub Comes* (Uub) *Kills Frieza* *Kills Buu* *Kills Cell* *Kills Jeice Recoome and other* *Holds off Omega Shenron* (Nikad) Thanks Uub. (Uub) Just Kill Kinacha Already!!!! (Nikad) I'm Trying!! YAH!!!!!!! (Goku's Ghost) U can do it Nikad U CAN DO IT!!! *Goes SSJ5* KAME HAME HA!!!!!!!!!! *Fires Kamehameha at Kinacha* (Nikad) YAH!!!!!!!!!!! *Blows Kinacha Away* (Kinacha) NO!!!!!!!!! *IS Getting Damaged and Is blowed away to a Different Planet* (Nikad) Ahh it is finally Over. (Kinacha) They Think I was Killed They think i am done for But i.....have only went to mars They will see me in 2-57 Days BwahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Nikad) He is finally Killed oh *Falls* *Breathes Heavy* (Uub) Nikad U are the new hero u are. 

(?) The Genartion of the Lengendary Heros begins again first it was Bardock By killing Frieza's Ansester By turning SSJ Then Goku by killing Omega Shenron With Fusion Then Nikad For Trying to Kill Kinacha to be continued.....

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